Oriental Village / Naturism Questions

Q: How is the weather at the Oriental Village Naturist Resort?

Whenever you decide to come to Oriental Village, the weather is always fantastic! Unlike other naturist places in the world, where you can only stay 3-4 months a year, we enjoy the eternal summer: more than 340 sunny days every year and the temperatures range between 28°C and 38°C at daytime and very pleasant 18°C to 24°C at night. All year long!

Q: Is Membership required to go to the Oriental Village Naturist Resort?

We do not offer a Membership Program at the Oriental Village Naturist Resort.

Q: Is Oriental Village family friendly?

Yes, we allow children, when accompanied by an adult. Some of our guests are families with children of all ages.

Q: Are singles allowed into the resort?


Q: Do you allow day visitors?

Yes. We charge for the privilege of using the facility and its amenities – such as the pool, restaurant and the surroundings – a 500THB day fee.

Q: What type of people can I expect at Oriental Village?

Our guests come from all walks of life and from all over the world: couples, families and groups from Europe, Asia, America and Australia. We have guests in every age group: from 0 to 80 years old.

Q: Is there a personal hygiene etiquette in the resort?

We require that our guests always sit on a towel or sarong when using the sunbeds.

Q: What about “swingers” and sex in public?

We are a naturist resort and not a “swingers” place. We do not allow any type of public sexual activity at Oriental Village.

How to get to the Resort?

Q: How to get to Chiang Mai? 

Chiang Mai is only 1 hour flight distance away from Bangkok and the ticket costs around 1500THB per person. For the cheapest airfares from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, we recommend booking as soon as possible.

Q: Do you offer airport transfer?

Of course, we offer airport transfer from and to the airport Chiang Mai (CNX). Airport transfer costs 700THB (up to 3 persons). Simply check the box on our booking form and add information about your flight number, date and time of arrival.

Q: What if I come by taxi or rent a car?

If you prefer to order a Taxi or come with a rented car, please use the following map for directions: CLICK HERE

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